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Dr. Samuel Daigle Nepisiguit Adventures guide

Dr. Samuel Daigle

Co-founder of ANA with his wife is a retired family physician, having done ER for 17 years. He opted to hang his stethoscope early and help create this company knowing he can bring as much benefit by getting people back in nature where we evolved, eating healthy and being active than by prescribing pills. He is a proud Acadian having good ties with the First Nations and wishes very much to keep that wonderful cultural heritage alive. He traveled quite a bit, preferring to go off the beaten track and spending as much time outdoors as possible. He gained significant experience in the woods from a very young age, has done some long range hiking, is an avid woodworker / woodturner and is always willing to share any of his stories and tips. Samuel is also a strong force with many volunteers in helping to restore the 140 km hiking trail used for centuries by the Mi’gmaq people. We all hope you have a chance to explore and savour this treasure.

Anabelle Daigle Nepisiguit Adventures team member

Anabelle Daigle

The co-founders’ daughter Anabelle already has a great deal of travel experience. With a passion for cooking and impressive organizational skills she inherited from her mom, she will definitively be an asset to many experiences.

Janine Daigle Nepisiguit Adventures guide

Janine Daigle

A partner guide, Janine is an Acadian and experienced world traveler, free-spirited, and also preferring to visit off the beaten track. She has a baccalaureate in kinesiology and a master’s degree in business. She is a yoga teacher and a gifted artist. Janine is definitively a people person, a great communicator, and has a love of life that is inspiring and contagious. She will go out of her way to make your experience even better than you dreamed it.

Karl Branch Nepisiguit Adventures guide

Karl Branch

Karl is a professional forester with over 25 years of experience in forest management and forestry education. Karl has a passion for the outdoors and an unrelenting quest to better understand the incredible complexities and magic of forest ecosystems. Canoeing, hiking and skiing since a young age has allowed him to develop the skills and confidence necessary to take on expeditions in many remote areas of Canada including the arctic. An avid world traveler, Karl and his wife Nathalie have spent time in secluded areas on all but one of the world’s continents. May it be canoeing the beautiful Nepisiguit River, kayaking the coastline of the Bay of Chaleur or snowshoeing in the mountains of Mount Carleton Park, Karl is eager to share this beautiful region with other enthusiastic explorers.

Nathalie Thériault Nepisiguit Adventures guide

Nathalie Thériault

Nathalie is a retired teacher with an insatiable appetite for outdoor activities. An accomplished expedition canoeist, she has paddled several of the great wilderness rivers of Canada and plans on experiencing many more of them in the future. Nathalie likes the cold, is an intrepid backcountry skier and enjoys exploring the steeper terrain on snowshoes. An avid world traveler, Nathalie and her husband Karl have spent time in secluded areas on all but one of the world’s continents. Nathalie is keen on sharing the natural beauties of the region, may it be hiking, snowshoeing or canoeing the many watercourses of the region.

Rod O’Connell Nepisiguit Adventures guide

Rod O’Connell

A partner guide with ANA, Rod was one of Samuel’s mentors while they were putting in the effort to revive the Mi’gmaq hiking trail. A forestry engineer with many skills and still a precious asset for projects such as owl surveying, very few people know this forest and river better than Rod. He is a friendly and humble as one can get, so he won’t brag about his superb photography skills or the fact he is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and stories. If you have the privilege to meet Rod, you will be inspired in many ways.

Tim Haché Nepisiguit Adventures guide

Tim Haché

A man with much knowledge and many qualities, Tim started as a forest technician, worked for a mining company and later switched to nursing. Since his very first steps, he has explored and learned to soak in all the benefits of the forest, mountains, and waterways, gaining a lot of experience in varied natural settings. Tim is always eager to learn about edible indigenous plants, permaculture, and farm animals. With his first-aid skills and quick wits, the love of his home landscape, and capacity of enjoying the simple natural things in life, he is definitively a great companion to have on a tour.

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